Nov 8th, 2018 — Team Update


After careful consideration and discussion, we have decided to have our staking system updated.

Weighted Staking

To ensure the daily dividend is distributed in a more fair manner. We have created the time-weighted staking system.

With the new method, snapshots will be taken hourly instead of daily. Starting GMT 00:00:00, a snapshot will be taken every 59 mins and 59 seconds. If a player’s ETs are under staked when the snapshot is taken, then the system will assign a weight of 1 to that player’s staked balance. Therefore, to claim the full daily dividend, players need to make sure their tokens are staked hourly.


Assuming Alice and Bob are the only player in the system and each has 100 ET. The size of the dividend pool is 100 EOS.

Bob has his 100 ET staked whole day, whereas Alice decides to unstake her token in the middle of the day. In this case, Bob’s 100 ET weights 24 and Alice’s 100ET weights 12. As a result, Bob will receive 66.6667 EOS and Alice will receive 33.3333 EOS.

*Refunding ET will be EXCLUDED from the dividend calculation.

The new dividend calculation method will be effective starting GMT 00:00:00 Nov 10th, 2018.

Team Endless

Game On.