Nov 9, 2018 — Team Update


During the past 24 hours, the team is working extremely hard in order to prepare the launch of our new staking system and deliver our new game, Endless Millions on time. Meanwhile, we have managed to add a minor user experience update to our Autobet feature.

Time-weighted Staking System Is Coming

If you want to know how the system works, you can refer our team update on Nov 8.

The new dividend calculation method will be effective starting GMT 00:00:00 Nov 10th, 2018.

We will keep working on our dividend/staking system to provide better user experiences in the future.

On Endless Millions

We plan to launch our new game, Endless Millions on Nov 12, 2018.

What is “Endless Millions”?

Endless Millions is a lottery game that designs to bring all the Powerball fun onto EOS blockchain. Endless Millions is the first decentralized lottery game on EOS blockchain with pari-mutuel prizes. Winners of the game will be drawn every day.

What is the big deal? Why this is better?

The pari-mutuel system has been in existence since the 1870s. Pari-Mutuel is a French word fro mutual betting. In this system, the money or bet are pooled. After deducting the commission or house take of the operating company, the payoff odds are then calculated after which the pool is divided equally to the winners.

For players, this system is beneficial for several reasons.

No Single Player Dominance: An issue with some of the lottery games on EOS right now is that player with a huge amount of money can easily secure the victory by placing a huge bet. However, in a pari-mutuel system, since players can bet on whatever number combination they desired. Players with a huge amount of money will only have a relative advantage over other players, rather than an absolute dominance.

Huge Jackpot: For every draw with no winner, the jackpot will flow into the jackpot of the next game. Hence, the amount of jackpot will increase till a winner is lucky enough to match the winning combination.

Multiple Prize Divisions: Instead of letting only a lucky few to win the big prize, the Endless Millions is designed to have 6 prize divisions. Hence, more players will be able to get a bite of the sweet jackpot.

Endless Millions Jackpot

In order to kickstart the game, the team will deposit an extra 2000 EOS into the jackpot. Therefore, the Jackpot of the first game will be 2000 EOS + Jackpot from ticket sales.

Endless Millions Ticket Airdrop

In this event, players can get free Endless Millions Ticket for the first game (Nov 12, 2018). Players will be able to see the tickets they earned in the Endless Millions game after the release.

The Original Announcement

To share all the fun and joy, Endless Game will host an Endless Million Airgrab event from GMT 00:00:00 Nov 8th, 2018 — GMT 23:59:59 Nov 11th, 2018.

During the airgrab event, players will receive an Endless Millions ticket for every 10 EOS wagered (capped at 20 tickets per day).

Additional airgrab rewards will be granted to leaderboard winners. Top 10 players will receive 500, 250, 125, 60, 30, 15, 10, 5, 3, 2 tickets respectively.

Endless Game will put down an extra of 2000 EOS to the prize pool of the first session of the Endless Millions game.

You could check the number of Endless Millions Tickets you have earned below the dice interface.


UX Improvement of the AUTOBET

In our previous version, users are allowed to freely change the bet settings (wager amount and probability) after switch on the AUTOBET feature. To prevent losses caused by accidental change of the setting, we have added a confirmation pop-up after bet setting getting changed.

Team Endless.

Game On.