Team Update Feb.26: IOST Mainnet and New Game

Dear players,

We are very excited to announce as the launch of IOST Mainnet, we are officially running on IOST as the first BPs. Along with other BPs from media, exchange, Dapp spaces as well as developers, Endless Game has been brought to a greater blockchain ecosystem, targeting global users across diverse industries.

On IOST Mainnet

Endless Game Migration

As a newly launched blockchain network, IOST is still at a very early stage where a lot of infrastructures (like mobile/desktop wallets, blockchain browsers, decentralized exchanges) are not in place yet. In order to guarantee the best gameplay experience, we will take the migration process very carefully. Endless Dice will be the first game we migrate to the IOST network and the team is aiming to have it launched around mid-march. After that, we will soon bring more of our games onto IOST network.

As part of Endless platform, ET has been played a very important role since day one. In order to better serve the IOST ecosystem and attract users on IOST, we will issue the IOST based ET token, (“iET”). Details of the token releasing, distribution, dividend sharing and conversion will be released around mid-march as the team is currently working on the details. With a deep understanding of the importance of our community and supporters, the well being of our current token holders are our first priority. After the issuance of the new token, previous ET holders will also enjoy a share of revenue generated on IOST blockchain.

“Project Hive”

As one of the very first IOST developers, Team Endless is also contributing to the Project Hive leading by IOST Core dev team. Project Hive is aiming to provide both users and developers with better means to interact with the IOST blockchain. We wish to help IOST to greatly reduce the entry barriers to Dapps.

IOST Profit Sharing

As a block producer and global partner of the IOST network, Team Endless will get some rewards from IOST every year, block producer reward (1% of the total IOST supply yearly) and IOST contribution rewards (2% of the total IOST supply yearly) rewards based on shares of votes received(1% of the total IOST supply yearly). Since the rewards are calculated dynamically and related to number of votes Endless@IOST gets, it is very hard for us to distribute this part of Endless income instantly.

Alternatively, the team will publicly announce the rewards obtained from IOST network quarterly and distribute the earnings after operation costs with our community. Details will be released soon.

Poseidon’s Challenges

Aside from IOST Mainnet update, we will release the voluntary tester program for Poseidon’s Challenges some time next week. There will be exclusive benefits for the volunteers to help us refine the gameplay. We will release more details on that later this week. Let our community moderator know if you are interested in joining and stay tuned!