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Letter sent on Apr 17, 2016

Hello again

Some of you may remember this publication as Absurdist. Somewhere between meeting family in post civil-war Sri Lanka and falling deeply into science fiction I had a change of heart. Endless Magazine is a reboot but more on that later. In the meanwhile…

Stranger Than Fiction

My sister in law is Egyptian and we got to talking about the essay, How I Went From Leading the Egyptian Revolution to Making Minimum Wage in San Francisco. It is a memoir excerpt from Ahmed Salah, an Egyptian democracy activist and now refugee who deflates our dreams of internet activism and popular journalism only to find ourselves comparing violence in the San Francisco’s Tenderloin with authoritarian Cairo.

Another Day, Another Coup

Paul Mason’s #ThisIsACoup is visual journalism about Greece’s continuing austerity hardships. It plays out like dystopia under candlelight, a glimpse into the future of neoliberalism where your vote matters zero and resistance is the only dialog. Set aside an hour to watch the four parts and see why Mason says, “journalists generally know very little about what is really happening.” Nowhere has neoliberalism been applied so rigorously as to de-tooth a leftist government in modern Europe. Field of Vision is producing some amazing short docs.

Fiction in the Clouds

In this very technical excerpt from Mark De Silva’s debut scifi novel Square Wave, you’ll find yourself crouched beside climate technicians as they engineer clouds as if lighting fireworks. It had me standing under monsoon rains on a planet where the rain Gods have left you to your own devices.

Until next time!

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