Nice Shorts on Joey Izzo

Stepsister (17m)

Izzo’s shorts are well crafted — dynamic, colorful and a little awkward. Shot in San Francisco, Stepsister is a film about a man, his fiancée and his sister. The sister doesn’t like the fiancée so we watch her mete out her insecurities.

Starring Beth Lisick, Anna Seregina & Brent Weinbach

There’s Something I Have To Tell You (3m)

A quirky meeting of two, shedding their secrets before their clothes. It closes quickly leaving you wondering about whale watching…

Starring Matt Ingebretson & Wendy McColm

Chuck’s Chicken(11m)

The oddest of the bunch, this silent film explores the cult rituals of a ministry, “your home is where you are happy.”

Nice Shorts explores new cinema and is curated by Vikram Babu.

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