Nice Shorts on Matthew Silver

Love In a Time of Isolation

Exploring the curse of isolation in an ever connected world, Matthew Silver breaks the spell with shock, awe and hope. Nothing is new anymore and yet the oldest things seem vital again with Matthew — love, embrace and laughter. Is it a coincidence that he is wearing less than shorts?

Evolve (1m)

“We are one, we are love, are are now here. Don’t judge people love people.” A performance that brings clown college together with life coaching, Matthew’s words are powerful and fluid. He seems to have captured that child’s voice inside now dressed in an adult’s body. More an opener than a short film.

The Shadow Monster (3m)

A performance on the torment of judgemental hell and psychological release, Matthew seems to tackle his shadow, if only to confront the toll she takes on him, shot in Bushwick.

Heartpocalypse (7m)

Matthew, along with cowriter Trey Kirchoff, take a look at transformation with a character study of a person possessed with the impending apocalypse prophesied by doomsayers, Mayan and otherwise.

Nice Shorts explores absurd cinema and is curated by Vikram Babu.

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