Endor leads new alliance to fund $15M in MIT’s state-of-the art research on Blockchain and Crypto Systems

We are excited to announce that Endor is launching a new alliance, the Blockchain and Crypto Systems Alliance, to fund a new research center at MIT. This is the first time there will be significant research funding from the crypto community, and the first of its kind large-scale collaborative university research effort that combines the research interests of global, multinational companies with those of the new generation of crypto companies.

Endor is a founding partner of the Alliance, together with industry partners ORBS and Bancor. Each partner has invested funds in the Alliance which will be joining a select group of leading, Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Intuit, NEC and Mastercard, among others, to advance blockchain research at the new MIT research center.

Endor CEO, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, on stage at Consensus, NYC, May 2018

Endor CEO, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, announced the launch of the Blockchain and Crypto Systems Alliance at Consensus, the premier Blockchain conference held in NYC earlier this week. “Crypto Systems are technologies in the making that do not yet represent the full potential of what people will eventually be able to do”, he said. “We want to position ourselves at the forefront of new technological developments to make sure we deliver a stellar product with the most accurate, advanced predictions”.

Democratization of AI predictions

Today, the power of predicting the future belongs to tech-giants, who invest millions of dollars in cultivating internal data science teams to maximize the power of predictive science for exponential revenues. Endor Protocol democratizes predictive analytics by making artificial intelligence predictions accessible to all, for the first time.

The democratization of predictive science for businesses of ALL sizes is made possible only by combining the science of Social Physics with Blockchain infrastructure. This is why we are so proud to invest in this groundbreaking blockchain research at MIT and are eager to deliver the most accurate AI predictions using the most advanced technologies available.