Endorsify: Now Powered with Content Search

If you’re a social media influencer, creating your brand requires vision, dedication, and time. But if that content can’t be found by the people who are looking for it, all that work might not pay off.

If you’re a business looking to collaborate with the best social media influencers out there finding that perfect match may feel like eyeing a polar bear in a snowstorm. With your brand in mind the ability to precisely search for the image — in addition to the influencer — that matches your next ad campaign is a powerful and necessary tool.

This is the service Endorsify wanted to realize for all marketers and influencers out there. Content Search was the result.

So let’s say you’re in the business of selling pizza. You want to use Endorsify to find the perfect Instagram personality that will create beautiful user generated content and sell your next ad campaign.

You create your Endorisfy account and use the Influencer Search to find, say, a South American, female, in the food industry. Or you could use the Content Search feature to find images that capture “food”, “pizza”, “pepperoni”, or whichever keyword fits the goal of your campaign. You have the full range of tools to find the user-generated content you need.

Endorsify’s new content search feature is made possible through the use of Clairfai’s brilliant image recognition API.

As an influencer on Endorsify’s platform all of your content is processed via a visual recognition model, which automatically assigns tags to each and every image. If you have a range of content this is a great way to make sure all of it can be found through search.

With close to 500,000 images currently accessible on the Endorsify platform, content search ensures both brands and influencers can be connected as efficiently as possible. It’s all carefully organized and stored.

Add that one to your toolbox.

Before you know it, your content will be finding you.

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