Inside the Influencer: Mariel Cornel

Mariel Cornel, otherwise known as Polydeux, is a Los Angeles based fashionista and vlogger. She takes on vlogging, as opposed to blogging, to get personal with her followers.

Check out what got Mariel into vlogging and some helpful fashion advice:

Mariel Cornel
  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your YouTube channel.

MC: Hey guys! I’m Mariel also known as Polydeux. I’ve been running my YouTube channel on and off for the past two or three years. Only recently have I been focusing on gaining more momentum with it after rebranding my entire channel.

2. What got you into vlogging?

MC: I first got into vlogging after religiously watching HeyClaire, Anna and Jesse, and It’s Judy Time. It was similar to watching reality TV, only with average people who had extraordinary experiences. It wasn’t until the likes of Jenn Im, WahlieTV, Soothing Sista, and Sophia Chang did it start to really take off, which further thrusted my interest in vlogging.

3. What kind of content do you share on your channel?

MC: Currently, my channel is focused on vlogging as it did in the past. Previously, I also featured YouTube challenges and lookbooks, but now my focus is on lifestyle and fashion. I want to capture style more cinematically, get personal with my followers with life talks, and really highlight the hobbies I pursue in my downtime that I don’t really get to showcase on my blog or Instagram. Since I work 9–5, I really miss out on human interaction and need someone to talk to me while I work, which is an aspect I want to achieve in my own respect.

4. Any favorite YouTube channels you keep up with?

MC: Currently, I’ve been pretty religious with my girl, Amy Vagabond. She’s super real about her thoughts and emotions on her AM with Amy. I’m also a pretty diehard Buzzfeed Unsolved fan. I’m a sucker for mysteries but can never get though any horror films or thrillers, so this makes it ten times easier to digest.

To this day, I still keep up with HeyClaire since she continues to put out content that doesn’t follow the format as everyone else. She has a very distinct style!

Mariel Cornel

5. If you aren’t working on your YouTube channel, what are you up to?

MC: I’m working on something else! Whether it’s shooting content, graphic designing, or writing, I always need to be productive. Aside from that, I’m usually unwinding with my favorite shows, exploring new restaurants, or trying new quirky experiences with my friends and boyfriend.

6. Any favorite Fall fashion trends?

MC: I was super in love with Glen plaid and red for a hot minute but now I’ve moved onto checkered trenchcoats, Nike Air Max 97’s, and thin-as-ice cateye sunglasses.

7. What’s an outfit you feel most confident in?

MC: I feel the most confident in an outfit that’s tailored and accentuates my body correctly. Recently, I purchased a pair of high-waisted pants that I loved online and in the box but when I put it on, the leg was too wide, crotch too low, hem was too long, and the waist was too high. It didn’t fit right and you could definitely tell I wasn’t the most comfortable in it. I feel the most confident when everything feels right. Oh, and when I’m in a slick pair of heels, haha!

8. Where do you usually do most of your shopping?

MC: I prefer shopping online actually. It gives me the chance to really look around for deals, price matching, and coupon codes! I’ve been loving Mango, Kapulet Beauty, and Storets lately.

Mariel Cornel

9. Any clothing item you can’t live without or always have on you?

MC: I’m never without a pair of sock boots! They make every outfit look uniform, dressed up, and very high-end. I swear I have the same ones in different styles or colors!

10. Any fashion tips or advice?

MC: Experiment — that’s the only way you can find out what your true style is and how to evolve your own fashion sense. Wear whatever you want, whether it’s trendy or not. If you like it, wear it. Don’t wear things because everyone else is wearing it. Wear it because it feels good on you.

Also, don’t be afraid to recreate other people’s outfits to get a feel for what looks best on you and to figure out what you don’t like. Chance are, once you figure out what you don’t like, you’ll be able to figure out what you do like and build from there. Fashion is all about experimentation and expression so you may as well dress for yourself!

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