Let the Endorsify Chatbot Help Find Your Next Influencer

Before Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots were a ubiquitous development in the tech sphere they were a novel feature of AIM, MSN and chat rooms around the world.

Those who grew up on AIM probably remember SmarterChild, the Chatbot on your buddy list with an uncanny ability to carry a conversation. For a lot of people this was likely the first encounter with AI. Not many could have imagined what it would quickly grow to become.

SmarterChild no longer exists, but in its place has emerged a complex offering of automated messaging platforms, with purposes far beyond keeping adolescent internet-goers entertained.

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are common examples–but perhaps the most widely adapted evolution can be seen in applications of traditional customer service roles. Instead of just having simple conversations bots are now slowly absorbing the responsibilities of traditional human-centric customer service. They are allowing for immediate and accurate feedback for different day-to-day business interactions.

Adaptation of natural language processing and machine learning have created increasingly intelligent AI. Not only this, but there is increased access to the backend, with platforms like API.ai, which allow businesses to custom-create their own unique conversational apps. All these developments have allowed Endorisfy to bring the next Chatbot experience to the influencer market.

Presenting, the Endorsify Chatbot.

The Endorsify Chatbot

Endorsify is now building its own Chatbot experience to help match brands with the influencers that best meet the needs of their next social campaign.

Before you even sign up on the Endorsify platform you will be able to interact with our bot. Users will be asked a series of questions pertaining to the goals and ambitions of their next campaign. This information will help to generate a set of influencers who would make a good match for the campaign. See what you like? You can sign up and make it happen or search among the thousands of influencers out there.

The process is a simple–effective way for brands to get a small taste of the greater utility of the Endorsify platform before even signing up. It’s part of the larger goal of increasing the efficiency and ease with which you locate that one influencer out of a sea of possibilities.

And don’t worry, the singularity is not heavy on our heels. Our bot is built by a real human. Her name is Kathleen. Plus, if Kathleen cannot assist you there are plenty more humans available to answer any questions you might have.

Happy searching!

Keep an eye out for the Endorsify Chatbot when you sign-up to build your next influencer campaign.