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Enemy of Humanity

You’re More Than Christianity


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The Enemy of Humanity series is about empowerment. Yours. To encourage you to become curious and skeptical about yourself, life and the world around. To look beyond what you know and ask questions against what you believe. Never stop listening, observing, learning, and challenging yourself. If you’re a Christian, this practice goes well beyond faith.

Life isn’t necessarily about “fulfilling an emptiness” or “searching for a higher calling” or even “finding the answers to life’s mysteries.” Unlocking your ability to evolve — and in this — inspiring the world to become greater is an admirable goal. We must live without smoke and mirrors, without propaganda and agenda, without prejudice and judgment, without ignorance and fear. This isn’t to suggest your passions and dreams will change. If anything, they’ll become even deeper and more meaningful.

Religion was always designed to suppress human greatness, to keep it weak, and manipulate it often towards insidious purposes. Tragically, believers have grown to worship their oppression, to love a faith that destroys their capacity to become extraordinary.

Although Enemy of Humanity factually debunks Christianity and the Bible, it’s important to recognize that this is the beginning of necessary dialogue, not the end. And every religion ought to be subjected to the same scrutiny for the sake of edification and enlightenment.

Unfortunately, religious films, books, music, shows, radio stations, and events will continue to be successfully produced and sold on a massive scale. Likewise, church, preachers and sermons will continue to endure because they’re incredibly effective and financially rewarding (Insert Kanye West’s exploitation of Christianity here despite his diagnosed mental disorders).

Come what may, whenever loved ones speak of their faith, invite you to celebrate their religious holiday or attend church, perhaps even make you listen to worship music or watch a religious film, remember, exercise patience and kindness. Breathe. The truth already exists. Bringing light to it won’t happen overnight.

I never intended to write, let alone, publish this series and book. Yet here it is. The journey I experienced, from its conception to publications, has been one of the most difficult ones I’ve endured as an author. But the message of truth far outweighs anything I’ve personally gone through. Past the extensive time researching, long writing sessions, intensive studying, and heated debates, know that I’ve poured everything into the creation of this series and book…to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion. But it was worth it for me. I wholeheartedly recognize the significance of this topic and hope I’ve honored your time.

One of the toughest challenges with this project was deciding what to include and omit. There’s such an enormous amount of information surrounding the origins and development of Christianity (I reckon it’s the same for any other religion). But after much deliberation, it seemed most appropriate to approach select subject matters deemed “pillars” and “foundations” of Christianity primarily. This allowed me to definitively argue the world’s greatest religion entirely and thoroughly without the danger of being derailed or forgetting pertinent material. Considering how critical and influential faith/belief is personally, societally and politically worldwide, I felt an obligation to expose Christianity.

We have a duty to leave this world better than when we entered it. And without question, truth must always remain victorious. We are charged to share and preserve it.

We’re all human. We bleed and die the same. Loving one another is the only path worth taking. A life of edification is a gift and legacy you can build and be proud of. Never stop exploring. I am deeply grateful for those who’ve invested their time in reading this series and book. Time is precious and invaluable. Use it well. I wish you all an existence of love, joy and peace. Stand strong. But mostly, always fight for truth.




An unprecedented examination of Christianity’s deepest secrets, the bible’s greatest power and why the religion remains brilliantly successful.

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