Energi Gen 3 Coin Migration

Clarification on the Impacts and Frequently Asked Questions

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Energi Gen 3 Questions: Answered

Q: What will be the differences between Energi Gen 3 and Ethereum?

Q: Will Energi become an ERC20 token?

Q: What would the process be for users who have their NRG on an exchange and/or third-party wallet (i.e. Discord Rain Wallet or Coinomi)?

Q: For users who are staking locally (laptop or desktop), will the process to start staking be any different?

Q: For users who are staking via Virtual Private Server (VPS) and/or with Masternodes, will the scripts still work on Gen 3?

Q: Will the Earndrop Distribution for Rounds 2–4 take place after the coin migration and will users need to update their Energi addresses on their Earndrop accounts?

Next Steps for Energi Gen 3 Preparations


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