Energi Asks: “Are you the next one in a million?”

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With the ambitious goal of engaging one million people worldwide, and hiring from the best among them, Energi differentiates itself from every other cryptocurrency in existence. Backed by both the largest treasury in the market and the self-funding mechanisms of its own blockchain, Energi is uniquely empowered to achieve this aspiration. Interviewing the recently promoted Community Management Director, Brock, and one former moderator (now an Energi developer), Leon, reveals that Energi utilizes (and retains) talent already present within the community.

The real question is: Are YOU the next one in a million?

A Tale of Two Leaders: Brock and Leon

When Brock first learned about Energi he was searching for ways to get involved with cryptocurrencies with little or no money out of pocket. When he first discovered airdrops, Brock was quickly drawn to the Energi Earndrop program and quickly signed up. As Brock explains:

When I first started using various cryptocurrencies I envisioned the perfect cryptocurrency with qualities that I felt it would need to be adopted by mainstream society.

After researching Energi and getting some experience actually using the wallet and network, Energi far exceeded my expectations in every area. I was drawn into the Discord rain channel and instantly enjoyed the conversations, the atmosphere and the ability to interact with members of the team. It truly felt like a family.

I believe in the project, the vision, the goals, and the team behind it all, so I did whatever I could to try to help wherever I could. I want to help the project succeed and get the word out to the world about what we are doing.

— Brock, Community Management Director

For Leon, his path to becoming actively involved Energi started differently:

I have followed Tommy for a few years on social media, and he has impressed me with his thorough understanding of both the traditional, and crypto markets. In one of his YouTube videos he announced that he was going to start his own cryptocurrency. That propelled me to take a closer look.

Both Brock and Leon shared their stories of how the people collaborating on the Energi project were the impetus for increased involvement and their eventual promotion to leadership.

Brock explains how his path to becoming a moderator for Energi’s Discord and Telegram channels started:

I learned what I could about Energi and just started providing helpful information to the users.

I would post public service announcements with helpful information about the project or Discord, or anything that would help everyone.

I would answer questions whenever I could and just tried to make people feel welcome within the community.

I had reached out to offer my help in another aspect of the project, however my background in customer service and marketing made this a perfect opportunity to get involved and apply my skills to help make a difference in the project.

— Brock, Community Management Director

Leon recalled his story about how he became involved:

It was a gradual process. Perhaps a lucky circumstance, that I helped prepare and run our 1st anniversary party, which allowed me to closely communicate with the Energi Core team and get to know their way of working. Since the party, Energi has grown and so have my responsibilities. Eventually, I was promoted to be a part of the team as a community moderator.

— Leon, Developer

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On Being Leaders:

Both Leon and Brock enjoyed their time as moderators, though working with so many different types of users can have its challenges. Their duties included assisting other community members in the Discord channels, or the Telegram application, and facilitating feedback between the Energi organization and various other social media channels.

As Brock and Leon described when asked what they enjoyed about their moderator roles:

I love that I have been able to help Energi grow and thrive. We are gaining new members every day. It can sometimes be challenging to manage but I believe that we have implemented some positive changes and I am honored to be able to continue to help everyone move forward toward our goals.

I love the community’s interactions. I love how friendly, generous, creative, and enthusiastic they all are. Energi truly has the best community in cryptospace!

I have said repeatedly, without the community, there would be no Energi, only a fantastic idea.

— Brock, Community Management Director

Just recently my role has changed, and I am now working with the Energi web development team. Looking back, I loved being in closer proximity to our community. I loved the fact that I could relay feedback directly to the team and be able to help with issues immediately.

We have been very fortunate to attract some amazing talent from all walks of life. It has been an utmost pleasure watching new content being created and shared. We strive to build a positive environment in which everyone can feel comfortable and accepted. The way the community expresses itself is also a direct reflection of whether or not the team is on the right path.

— Leon, Developer

As Energi continues to grow towards world adoption, Energi also continues to elevate and involve people from across the world, while raising up talent from within its own ranks. Even if you are new to Energi or one of our longest supporters, opportunities exist to become more actively involved. Both Brock and Leon offer some advice for those interested in doing more:

Learn everything you can about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Energi specifically. Watch all of the Energi videos and read everything on the Energi website. You need to know everything you can about Energi and what makes us different from the rest of the cryptocurrencies out there. Then share that knowledge with everyone, everywhere, in every way possible.

— Brock, Community Management Director

Leon further elaborates:

Unfortunately there are no cutting corners with this. The team expects a high level of delivery. Being able to identify problems swiftly and offer quality solutions is the key. At the same time, as a team member you can start by helping others across our social media.

Your efforts will surely get noticed and will allow yourself an opportunity at being promoted to a higher role.

— Leon, Developer

On How Being A Part Of The Energi Team Has Changed Them:

For those of you who decide to become one of the multitudes of people that Energi plans on engaging in the coming years, the experience of seeing the organization from within, changes a person’s outlook, as Brock and Leon explain:

I had a lot of respect for the Energi team before, as a community member, however, now that I’m seeing things from the inside, I’m just astonished by the level of energy, professionalism, generosity, and caring by everyone involved.

On a personal level, I went from being an unemployed student to having a meaningful full-time career that I love. As Mark Twain said, ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

— Brock, Community Management Director

There are big differences when you observe an organization from the inside compared to what you see looking in from the outside. There are many parts of the dynamic, and your responsibility is to maintain harmony. You start to better understand what the community requires and this can only be achieved while making sure it aligns with Energi’s vision.

— Leon, Developer

Each member of the Energi community has a unique set of talents, abilities, and perspectives. Because Energi has the ability to strengthen the holdings of the treasury every month by receiving 40% of the block rewards (a resource that pays for the moderators and developers at Energi, as well as other things like marketing), Energi is uniquely positioned for continued growth and increased hiring towards their ultimate benchmark of 1,000,000 employees and subcontractors worldwide. When asked for any final words of wisdom to share with those considering joining the Energi team, Brock and Leon shared these thoughts:

Stick around, get the word out, get involved. Look at how much we have accomplished in the first 14 months and imagine what we can accomplish together in the future.

— Brock, Community Management Director

“I feel this is only the beginning of our journey. We share mutual respect and I would say I am very privileged to be a part of such a great team. My biggest hope is that we help educate everyone on the importance of their monetary sovereignty while simultaneously build technologies that simplify the way we exchange value.

— Leon, Developer

Next Steps: How to Join the Energi Team

As Brock and Leon have illustrated, the first step to joining the Energi team is to get involved with the community on social media platforms like Discord, -


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