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Energi Defense: Scam Warning

“Energi Plus”

Energi Defense discovered a website and purported upcoming ICO deceptively claiming to be “Energi Plus”. The website is amateurly thrown together and mimics Energi’s use of a .world domain name suffix, attempting to confuse investors via a method known as cybersquatting. Please be aware that Energi is in no way affiliated with this website or alleged cryptocurrency.

Our security experts also revealed that the website is hosted on a dubious web server, suggesting that the entire operation is fraudulent. This investigation also uncovered nearly 100 additional malicious websites on the same hosting provider with similar fraudulent intentions as “Energi Plus”. In fact, the hosting provider was flagged by various cyber threat hunting organizations such as Virustotal, Quad9, and PhishTank. While Energi does not usually advise for or against investments, our team feels the need to warn our community against this apparent scam.




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