Energi March 2019 Newsletter

Proof of Stake Guide

Our transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake has gone smoothly and users with as little as 1 $NRG have been successfully earning $NRG rewards from staking. The current estimated monthly return on $NRG is around 6%, which is much higher than most Proof of Stake coins. We have recently put together a guide that allows users to stake their $NRG on a virtual private server. This option requires a bit more technical work to set up, but is a great option for users who do not want to leave their computer running 24/7 while staking.

Check out our Staking Guide here:


Free $NRG with Energi Rain!

Energi Rain is a feature in our Discord that allows users to earn free $NRG by simply talking in our Energi Rain channels. We recently had some technical difficulties with our Energi Rain feature, however, everything is back to functioning properly.

To learn more about Energi Rain, join our Discord here:


KuCoin lists $NRG

In late February, KuCoin exchange listed $NRG. KuCoin is one of the leading and most respected exchanges. We will continue to work towards getting Energi listed on more and more high-quality exchanges.

Check out KuCoin here:


Energi Defense Team

Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI) has been hard at work protecting our users from scammers, hackers, and other bad actors in the space. In late February, the team released a Security Report detailing a scamming incident and the work the Defense team has done to identify and report the scammer. Energi is the only Cryptocurrency project that has professional cybersecurity experts defending not only for the project as a whole, but also its supporters and community members.

Check out the Security Report here:


Updated Stats

We have recently published an article that compares different aspects of Energi with other cryptocurrencies. This includes stats on masternode rewards, Proof of Stake rewards, and other community stats. Check out the article below to see how Energi compares to other cryptocurrencies.

Energi Masternode, PoS, and Community Stats:


Energi Trailer

We have officially published the Energi Promo video created by our talented videographer, Max. This video showcases several members of the Energi Core team, and does a thorough job of explaining the power of Energi’s design. Feel free to leave a like, comment, and share the video on social media!

Check out the video here:


Energi in the News

Energi has recently been featured featured on various Crypto-YouTube channels, including coverage by Altcoin Daily, Keith Wareing, and CryptoBitcoinChris. These videos have all been added to our ongoing playlist, Energi Cryptocurrency in the News.

Check out the playlist here:


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