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Jun 2 · 3 min read

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C. Clarke

Energi Announcements

Energi 3.0

We have announced our next level upgrade — Energi 3.0, which extends our strong Treasury, Masternodes and Governance systems with Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities. Our developers are hard at work and we aim to complete this transition to a smart contract platform in Q3 of this year. Once complete, dApps written for Ethereum will be compatible with our platform, however, Energi will be able to offer more services than Ethereum — thanks to our powerful treasury model we can provide users and developers extra security, and both engineering and marketing support. We will also be giving grants and providing support to the best upcoming dApps in the space!

You can read more about Energi 3.0 .

Energi in the News

Ivan on Tech Interview

Energi Founder, , has been making appearances lately on some of the largest cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. Tommy was on Ivan on Tech’s show at the end of April to discuss the cryptocurrency markets and Energi’s plans for the future. Tommy also did an interview with CryptoZombie to talk about Energi and the future of cryptocurrency. You can find the interview .

CryptoZombie Interview

Check out Tommy’s interview with CryptoZombie .

Chico Crypto Review

Energi has been featured on additional Crypto-YouTube channels as well! Chico Crypto put together a fantastic video breaking down Energi, and Altcoin Daily has included Energi as one of the “Top 5 Masternodes” for May 2019. Please check Chico Crypto’s review .

Altcoin Daily Review

And check out Altcoin Daily’s video .

Energi Partners


KuCoin has put out an in-depth blog post about Energi that not only covers our plans for Energi 3.0, but also outlines all basic information about Energi including our coin specifications, business plans, roadmap, team information, and much more.

The blog post can be found .

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