Energi November Newsletter

Get Free Energi with Energi Rain!

We have just implemented a new feature in our Discord called Energi Rain. Simply talking in our Energi Rain channels will make you eligible to receive free Energi from our EnergiBot. The purpose of this new feature is to further grow our community and encourage more discussion amongst our community members.

To learn more about Energi Rain, join our Discord here:

Energi Defense Announcement

The Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI) have recently discovered a hacker in our Discord channel who was advertising a malicious application designed to secretly scan user’s computer and steal cryptocurrency private keys. During this attack, we were able to use our treasury to provide the necessary resources for bringing the criminals to justice. This event showcases one of the many benefits of our treasury system — having the ability to provide our community with security and peace of mind.

Official Energi Defense Announcement:

Updated Masternode Guide

We have recently updated our Masternode Guide to be more clear and straightforward. Our masternode expert, Mike, has also created a script that helps automate the masternode setup process. For additional assistance with masternodes, feel free to join our Discord channel, but be aware of scammers impersonating admins. Admins will never DM you first to offer help, and if you’re unsure as to whether you are in communication with the right person, please ask someone else from the official team to verify their identity.

Updated Masternode Guide:

Automated Masternode Guide with Script:

Wallet Update

We have also released a new wallet update, Energi Core v1.2.1 — There are many excellent changes in this release, including reduced memory usage, improved connectivity, faster wallet startup time, and UI performance upgrades.

Wallet update can be downloaded here:

New Block Explorer

Our block explorer now has a brand new look! This new block explorer not only has an improved user interface but also includes a statistic page that displays information on Hash Rate, Transaction volume, Masternode data and more.

Check out the new block explorer here:

Masternode Sites

Energi has been integrated into the GIN, Gentarium, and the NodeHost platform. These are web applications that lower the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people. Energi has also been listed on blockchain investor network, Beam, as well as MasernodeLive — a tool dedicated to help assist users with investing, monitoring, and setting up masternodes.







YouTube Series in Spanish

We have recently uploaded the “Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi” series in Spanish!

Check out “Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi” in Spanish here:

Energi Cryptocurrency in the News

Energi is continuing to gain awareness in the cryptocurrency space, and has recently been featured on various Crypto-YouTube channels, including a review by one of the biggest Crypto-YouTubers, Altcoin Daily.

To see all of the videos where Energi has been reviewed or mentioned, along with interviews from team members, check out the “Energi Cryptocurrency in the News” playlist:

Brand Confusion

With the number of different projects within the cryptocurrency space, it’s easy to be confused about how projects set themselves apart from one another. We wrote an article that explains how Energi stands out as a cryptocurrency and how it differs from other projects that have a similar name and/or logo.

Check out the article here:

Energi Use Cases

We have also put together an article that describes Energi use cases and explains how Energi Cryptocurrency was designed to solve problems in existing blockchain implementations. Energi solves problems in the following areas: Scalability, Funding, Governance, Inflation, Distribution, Decentralization, and Long-term vision. For more information, check out the article here:

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