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Energi — Proof of Connectivity

A community is a group of people who agree to grow together
-Simon Sinek

A community is one of the most important factors any cryptocurrency should have and many cryptocurrencies underestimate a strong, dedicated community of members who share the same values as their projects. Traditional companies have users and stakeholders who care about two different results; users want a great product and stakeholders want to make a profit Cryptocurrency differs in that its users and stakeholders are actually one and the same since they care both about the product and the success of the project.

When Energi was just a concept, we wanted to bring it to as many people as possible. We deliberately chose not to follow the ICO path. Instead, we preferred to distribute our coins through our Earndrop program by rewarding people who joined our community, learned about the project and actively participated in spreading awareness through their own social media networks. As more users joined our social media platforms, interest around Energi grew tremendously.

In this article, we will share the important principles and methods we implemented to make our Earndrop Campaign fair, effective and contribute to building an engaged community.

Proof of Person

One of the most important factors of our Earndrop is the ‘Proof of Person’ concept. We allowed one entry per person and required participants to provide a form of legal identification that displays their full name and picture. This helped bring in new users who hadn’t participated in a previous Earndrop round. We have been extremely careful when auditing Earndrop submissions to prevent users from having multiple entries and to ensure the applications came from humans, not bots. We recently created an article to explain that the delay in Earndrops 2 & 3 was due to our commitment to ensuring the integrity of Earndrop distribution through our audit process. This thorough audit process benefits the entire community by not allowing significant sums of coins to go to scammers who don’t really care about the future of our project. Click on the link below to learn more:


Proof of Use

When users participate in the Energi Earndrop, we want to make sure these are legitimate people with legitimate active social media accounts. This means eligible Earndrop participants must have monthly activity for at least 1 social media account per month since their Earndrop post, excluding the actual Energi posts required from the Earndrop. Participants must have active social media accounts with privacy settings to allow for public viewing of your social media accounts. This is applicable to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Proof of Network

Along with Proof of Use, Earndrop participants must demonstrate ‘Proof of Network’ by having followers and following others. The Earndrop is designed to build Energi’s distributed community and general awareness of the project across social media. One path to achieving these goals is to reward Earndrop participants for sharing information about Energi with their social networks.

Proof of Community

Last and certainly not least, we would like Earndrop participants to be members of the Energi Community even after the Earndrop Audit End Date. We like to have fun in Energi Discord but most importantly, we want to educate and provide useful information that can help cryptocurrency users be safe and make the right decisions. We strongly believe that the Energi Community is among the greatest of all cryptocurrencies and we would like to continue to nourish its growth together!


The main reason for Energi’s success is the overwhelming dedication and commitment from our Community. We are determined to provide assistance wherever and to whoever is in need. We educate our users on all important aspects of cryptocurrency and most importantly, we like to build long-lasting relationships. We even like to hang out with our community and give out NRG in our Discord (Click here to join our Discord). With our Energi Rain Wallet, users can stake, earn and give small amounts to each other in our Discord. Our Earndrop Campaign has given us a large active community of users who share the same values as we do which include the facilitation of enduring beneficial changes to this world.




Cryptocurrency for World Consciousness

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Energi Cryptocurrency

Energi Cryptocurrency


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