Energi’s Earndrop Program

Details about the Earndrop and the Final Round

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From the very beginning, the goal of Energi (NRG) was like many cryptocurrencies; to become a world-renowned cryptocurrency that was accepted by the masses. Where we differ from many, are our intentions; to make Energi as fair and transparent as possible, for everyone and anyone to be a part of. We believed that in order for Energi to be mass adopted, we had to put together a solution that was not only accessible and user-friendly, but convenient enough for anyone to join in, at no cost. We did not want to start out with an ICO or to have Energi be Pre-Mined by a few, so we instead put together a method where people around the world could learn and earn Energi by participating in our program called ‘Earndrop’.

The Earndrop Rules

Given that our intention was to make this a fair and distributed program, we asked all Energi Earndrop participants to meet the following requirements:

  1. A selfie of the participant holding their government-issued ID only showing their picture and name (we asked participants to hide all information on their government ID except for their full name) to provide proof of identity — in name only.

Once participants passed the four requirements, they had the chance to earn up to 100 NRG coins by following Energi’s social media pages, liking Energi’s tweets and posting a comment/tweet about Energi. We encouraged participants to refer others in order to receive additional NRG and a chance to earn enough NRG to earn a Masternode!

Earndrop Round Breakdown

We have concluded our first round, are in the process of going through rounds 2 and 3. We will hold a final round once rounds 2 and 3 are complete. Below is a breakdown of each Energi Earndrop Round:

  1. Round 1 — Held 20,000 participants and concluded in October 2018. Over 1 Million NRG coins were distributed worldwide. Round is now closed.

Earndrop Results

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Since our first earndrop round, nearly 45,000 participants around the world have signed up! Within our first earndrop round, we have distributed over 1 Million NRG coins!

We currently have round 2 going on, so if you meet the following requirements mentioned above, you will be able to earn up to 100 NRG!

To participate in our Round 2, please visit the link below:


Earndrop Distribution

The distribution for Round 2 (USA & Canada), 3 (EU, AUS & NZ) and 4 (Global) will begin once rounds 2–4 are completed and all submissions audited. There is no specific timeframe of when rounds 2–4 will be completed but it has been picking up pace as Energi continues to gain exposure around the world. There has been a lot of attention regarding our final global round and we expect Round 4 to fill up quickly once announced! Make sure you are following our social media channels to find out when Round 4 goes live. Once Round 4 ends, the team will be working hard to audit all submissions to ensure that rewards will go only to legitimate entries.

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