Preparation of Energi Gen 3

Everything you need to know and how to prepare for Energi’s biggest milestone

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Energi Gen 3 and its Purpose

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, cryptocurrency must become more secure, reliable and cross-functional. With our latest achievement in Energi, we will be able to expand Energi’s ecosystem far beyond any cryptocurrency out to date. We will launch Energi onto an Ethereum-based blockchain that allows cross-chain smart contracts, without the hassle of users required to do a coin swap. We believe we can make huge improvements to Energi as seamlessly as possible and still have Energi be trustless, decentralized and accurate.

  • Security [EBI] team protecting our users can be funded
  • Energi X exchange can be funded by the Treasury [Centralized exchange with futures — More details on this coming soon!]
  • Incubation lab support and services
  • Governance/Consensus system that will allow users who stake Energi and/or own an Energi Masternode, to vote
  • A seamless coin migration: trustless decentralized coin swap that will not require sending coins to a new Energi address

Energi Gen 3Expected Launch Date

Energi Gen 3’s snapshot block will be announced well in advance, before the exact launch time. Once Energi Gen 3 launches, whatever balances users have as of that block will be claimable on Energi Gen 3 by initiating a special smart contract transaction utilizing the private key from their current funds.

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On the Horizon

10 years from now, Energi will be growing to the scale of some of the internet giants that have popped up in the era. With cryptocurrency being a powerful technology to be involved with and over time eventually will become a key piece of our future’s infrastructure, very much like the early platforms were an essential part of the internet today. Energi Gen 3 is a huge achievement for cryptocurrency today but will only be scratching the surface of what it can truly become.


Cryptocurrency for World Consciousness

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