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The Power of Energi’s Treasury

The cryptocurrency designed to employ 1 million people

Many organizations have a treasury department to make financial decisions and reduce potential financial risks. Energi is self-funded by the treasury emissions, which allow for the long-term development of the technology platform. Our treasury has one of the largest percentage allocations in the cryptocurrency space. This treasury funding allows for a viable long-term model that will grow the technology and the community. With this powerful foundation, we are able to strengthen development work, marketing efforts, day-to-day operations and many more. The Treasury will also fund approved community proposals with governance over these decisions being applied by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of Energi Masternode owners.

In this article, we will review treasury models from other cryptocurrencies and where they stack up with Energi (This information is gathered from December 28, 2018).

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  • CMC Rank: 184
  • Marketcap: $13,252,542 USD
  • Treasury Allocation: 40%
  • Monthly Treasury Amount: 400,000 NRG
Dash Logo


  • CMC Rank: 15
  • Marketcap: $658,014,242 USD
  • Treasury Allocation: 10%
  • Monthly Treasury Amount: 6,176 DASH
Decred Logo


  • CMC Rank: 29
  • Marketcap: $184,933,502 USD
  • Treasury Allocation: 10%
  • Monthly Treasury Amount: 16,629 DCR


  • CMC Rank: 83
  • Marketcap: $38,853,765 USD
  • Treasury Allocation: 10%
  • Monthly Treasury Amount: 21,600 PIVX

Below is a chart that presents the comparison of monthly treasury values within the last 5 months of Energi and it’s competitors, Dash, DeCred and PivX:

Every month, 1 million Energi coins are created and 40% of the newly minted coins are stored within our treasury fund. Energi’s treasury allocation is decentralized, allowing for submitted proposals from anyone, to be voted on by masternodes and paid out from the inflation. Energi has a 14-day treasury cycle, allowing quick payments for proposal authors and contributors, as well as strategic responsiveness to effective proposals. Energi is guided by the principle that every dollar spent from its funding model, should yield more than a dollar of value in return. Thanks to a 14-day treasury cycle, the Energi team is able to measure results and respond quickly to changes in strategy. With a strong foundation within our treasury, Energi is on pace to have the most powerful treasury system within the crypto-space.

To learn more about our treasury, please visit the links down below:

  1. Energi Block Explorer 2: https://explorer2.energi.network/#/address/EVdNtWbQ2VL41VM9AdE6QP7WrJ59tSEV9A
  2. Energi Treasury: https://www.energi.world/treasury/




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