Understanding Energi and its Vision

Clarification around Energi’s Goal, Mission and Vision

With the number of different projects within the cryptocurrency space, people can get confused on how projects set themselves apart from one another. Whether a project is a coin or token, some users may not be aware that there is a difference between the two.

A coin is a digital equivalent to money where coins can be used to store value and pay for services much like physical money. Some coins are a fork of Bitcoin and are developed using Bitcoin’s open-source protocol, whereas others are created and operated on its own blockchain.

A token can be represented as an asset or utility and resides on top of another blockchain. Unlike creating a coin, a token is an easier process as it does not need any code modification or create a blockchain from scratch. Tokens follow a standard template on the blockchain — such as on the Ethereum platform — that allows people to create their own tokens.

This article will explain how Energi stands out as a cryptocurrency and how it differs from other projects that have a similar name and/or logo.

Energi — The Traditional Currency of Tomorrow

  • Ticker: NRG
  • Coin or Token: Coin
  • Goal and Mission: To introduce and bring cryptocurrency to the masses. We intend to do this by first creating a strong foundation– having a much larger treasury system than any other cryptocurrency currently, which will allow Energi to pay developers and contributors, and as Energi grows, the treasury budget will grow to allow for more collaboration, leading to more growth, etc, a positive feedback loop.

Our philosophy is, every dollar we reinvest into the system, will yield much more than a dollar of value back when invested appropriately with developers, the best marketing efforts, and other expenditures which expand our reach.

Below are cryptocurrencies, projects and exchanges that may have a similar logo, ticker and/or name to Energi’s, but in no way is Energi affiliated with the following down below.

1. Energycoin

  • Ticker: ENRG
  • Coin or Token: Coin
  • Goal and Mission: EnergyCoin is a platform for Sustainable Environmental Blockchain Solutions founded in 2014. The coin is publicly tradeable and used as an underlying mechanism for transactions in the EnergyCoin as an asset or for payment of fees in the EnergyParty platform layer.

2. Energitoken

  • Ticker: ETK
  • Coin or Token: Token
  • Goal and Mission: To reduce energy consumption globally, and create a token-based platform, which provides financial incentives to reward energy-saving behavior. The tokens will have a market value and can therefore ultimately be exchanged for fiat currencies or held to pay for future energy bills/Electric Vehicle charging.

3. Restart Energy

  • Ticker: MWAT
  • Coin or Token: Token
  • Goal and Mission: Restart Energy is committed to building a socially responsible business. MWAT will be issued by Restart Energy in the TGE (Token Generation Event) and will be necessary to access the RED platform software and the RED franchise. The RED platform will provide access to green energy which the token holder can buy, use or sell to another MWAT holder with the vehicle of transfer being KW tokens (KWT). Each KWT carries a virtual charge of 1 kWh.

4. Epic Coin

  • Ticker: EPIC
  • Coin or Token: Coin
  • Goal and Mission: Utilizing peer-to-peer transactional capabilities via a live and working, epictrader.io P2P Platform — Crypto to Fiat = Easily, and creating an EPIC E-commerce Marketplace.

5. Zero Carbon Project

  • Ticker: NRG
  • Coin or Token: Token
  • Goal and Mission: Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using blockchain and international carbon credits. Zero carbon markets beat renewable energy and fossil fuels on price and customers earn Energis token rewards as a catalyst for change.

Other Notable Similarities

6. Gate.io

  • Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a very similar logo to Energi’s.

7. Block Collider

  • Block Collider is a mineable multi-chain protocol for stable coins, decentralized exchanges, and meta contracts. NRG is the primary currency of the Block Collider. It is what is awarded to miners when they win a block, and it is how fees required to execute transactions are paid. Note, this NRG has no affiliation to Energi.

Energi is more than just a cryptocurrency project. It is the evolution of cryptocurrency, and is thoughtfully designed to solve problems in existing blockchain implementations, as well as improve upon the strengths that have made other blockchain projects succeed. With the current development of enabling smart contracts and dApp (decentralized application) development, Energi will bring the most powerful combination of features found in any cryptocurrency, and enabling new use cases far above what any of the top cryptocurrencies have available today.

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