How partnering up with Energi Token can benefit YOUR business

Money. It’s a motivator. If money is to be made doing something, rest assured, people will do it. It’s a simple matter of something called the “profit motive” and it is the underpinning of the entire system we know and love called Capitalism. People will change their behaviours to earn money and will avoid behaviours that might wind up costing them money. This basic premise motivates the entire free market economy and is a necessary ingredient for the success of any business.

The cost of doing business

As a business owner, your goal is to be as profitable as possible. A huge part of your costs comes down to your staff and the way they manage your assets. If your staff perform more efficiently, your business is more profitable. If your staff is wasteful, that money flies right out the window. But do they care?

One area that your staff may neglect to care about enough to change their behaviour is their energy consumption habits. A great deal of potential business profits can simply evaporate through inefficient and wasteful power consumption. But what are you supposed to do to alter their behaviour?

Energi Tokens can offer a solution for your business

Energi Tokens (ETK) are motivators for changing the behaviour of all participants in the Energi Token economy. If the staff of your business are rewarded with ETK, they join this larger ecosystem and are incentivised to improve their energy-consumption behaviour. Staff could be naturally motivated to perform energy-saving habits knowing they could earn ETK in exchange for their more efficient behaviour. Those earning ETK could then use their earned tokens for paying utility bills or for purchasing energy from other ETK users in the grid.

Purchasing Energi Tokens can result in a net savings for your business by reducing waste and increasing efficiency through this elegant reward system. Using the profit motive to entice staff to be more efficient is the most effective way to change behaviour. In the end, the business is more profitable due to lowered energy consumption, incentivised through rewards of ETK.

Cost-cutting through token incentives

Take a hypothetical situation where a business invests 300 thousand pounds in ETK to be used as financial incentives for reduced energy consumption. Over the course of time, the business saves more than a million pounds in consumed energy due to more efficient energy consuming habits. In the end, the business is far ahead financially due to the significant cost savings provided by the behavioural change of staff.

A new approach to solving an old problem

It’s a different way to deal with a problem that may have been frustrating you for some time as a business owner — how to get staff to care about being more efficient. You can maximise your profitability by using ETK as a tangible reward for saving your business money. By investing in ETK, you gain the ability to motivate your staff to behave differently and to care about their habits through token rewards. It’s a new, unique approach to solving an age-old problem.