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Utility-Scale Solar Development & Construction: What’s Now & What’s Next?

Webinar Recap

July 2020

On Friday, June 26, we hosted a webinar to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in utility-scale solar development and construction. We brought together a panel of diverse perspectives across the industry — from renewables providers to drone software companies — to learn how various players in the space are reacting, adapting and innovating in our new world. The discussion was led by Energize Partner Katie McClain and featured input from the following experts:

Below, we’ve highlighted key takeaways from our moderator-guided Q&A discussion. You can view the full recording here.

Though COVID-19 poses several key challenges, utility-scale solar has proven resilient.

Industry players are accelerating adoption of innovative technologies as solutions for current limitations.

Experts across the field are optimistic about the future of solar and the role of renewable energy in economic recovery.



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