Be The Witness To

Your Life

Stumbling upon inner silence

By Christina Lopes

I started meditating on a daily basis when my marriage fell apart. I could hear the voice of my consciousness whisper:

“be still and silent.”

At first, this was an excruciatingly difficult task to accomplish because my mind was on overdrive. All my plans for life — the plans my mind had etched out in stone — were quickly going down the drain and that was incredibly painful.

But there I was, everyday, sitting in silence. My mind didn’t understand what was happening on the outside, but thankfully my soul continued whispering with love.

“Everything is perfectly ok.”

As the days turned into months, my life just kept taking unexpected turns. I moved from Washington DC to California and from there to Portugal.

Things were happening so quickly that my mind was having a hard time keeping up. It literally felt like someone else was living my life and I was simply observing it unfold from a distance.

I felt increasingly like a witness.

Meditation continued to be a daily activity and it brought me peace, a quiet mind, and a self-love I had never felt before.

The more I meditated, the more I began to understand just how powerful life is.

Life is propelled by a force that the mind just cannot grasp.

As the illusions of the mind continued to fall, so much of life became clear to me.

My mind would rain on the parade every once in a while.

“You’re going crazy. Get a grip. It’s time to get back to planning.”

But then, I came upon a wonderful book that validated all I had been feeling. In “Field of Love: How to Experience The Field”, author Martin Birrittella talks about the power of life itself.

The events that unfold in your life can be seen from an entirely different perspective in which everything is pure movement and that movement is pefection itself.
There is no Doing in that state; it’s all about just Being.
Just be easy on yourself and become the awareness that’s watching your life, watching your mind, and listening to your heart while you act.

Indeed. That is what meditation had done in my life. It had successfully quieted my mind down to a point where I could become Awareness and tap into the force that propels it all:

Pure love.

Try it. If meditation is not your thing, participate in other activities that quieten the mind. It could be yoga, exercise or just contemplating a beautiful scenery.

The power of life is so easy to see when we silence the internal chatter and choose to live as

The Witness.

Pubished originally at, on Oct 20th, 2014. Edited.

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