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Mar 29, 2018 · 3 min read

By Mia Haskins

Mia is an aspiring journalist and is currently a student at Oakland School for the Arts. Many of our fellows discuss entrepreneurship, so Mia shared a profile she recently published. She welcomes your support and advice about the best way to travel on her journey to becoming a cultural commentator.

Some of the most unappreciated businesses are run by young adults or teens. Recently a lot of business, showcases, popup shops are created and produced by our young people. When people typically think of teen-run businesses, parties, or events, they believe they aren’t going to turn out well. There is an expectation that they will be poorly operated or unprofessional. A lot of teens who start these businesses will be CEOs of big companies. In my neighborhood, a lot of teens — mostly young men — are getting money the “wrong way” because they are too young, or something in their past affects whether they can work or not. That leaves a never-ending cycle of doing the wrong things to get money the fast way. I want to tell you about a youth ran business that I’ve grown quite fond of.

Oakland’s Club 5 Star is a teen-run business that promotes and throws parties for teens all around the Bay Area. All of their parties follow creative themes such as Tie-dye/Bleach, All White, Pajama Jam, and Instagram Jams to name a few. When I first entered high school, I didn’t care to go parties in Oakland because they had a bad rep. I also never liked going out of the house, I truly believed that I was a homebody. After going to a few of the parties, however, my perception changed. My views improved when I learned how great the DJ Taliban was. Before I knew it, I was singing and dancing along with old friends while making memories with new ones.

Being part of Club 5 Star means you have to be at the venues early to help set up and leave late to make sure the place is clean. The most recent party was at an art gallery in downtown Oakland on Broadway called Oakstop. The promoters are clear on a few details like take a shower, wear deodorant and dress appropriately for the hot conditions.

I recently got the chance to sit down with Herbie Kinchen, the entertainment manager for Club 5 Star to talk about their most recent party Monster Jam and other exciting facts about Club 5 Star.

M: How do you think your most recent party went compared to your previous ones?
H: I think it didn’t turn out as well as out parties due to, two big high schools homecoming being on the same night.
M: How big of a turnout has your previous parties been?
H: They’ve turned out huge. Basically, all of Oakland comes out when they hear that 5 Star is having a party. We can always depend on the community to show love.
M: How many employees are in Club 5 Star?
H: The core group of people is 10.
M: What is your position in the group?
H: I am the entertainment manager.
M: What does your job consist of?
H: Getting performers, DJ’s, creating contracts and making sure everyone signs them.

You can learn more about Club 5 Star by visiting their instagram page at

Energy Convertors Online Magazine

Improving education and community through the authentic voice of those most affected.

Energy Convertors

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Helping marginalized folx #navigate education. S/O 2 people converting negative energy to positive all over. #BeAnEnergyConvertor #DoWork Founder: @ccoleiii

Energy Convertors Online Magazine

Improving education and community through the authentic voice of those most affected.

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