My Success is Personal

By: Gadeer Alawdi

(Editor’s Note: As our student fellows are writing from their lived experiences, they are actively researching and discovering the route they want to take to improve education for themselves and their community. Please continue to follow each of our fellows on their arc of discovery.)

My name is Gadeer, and I’m passionate about my education. My primary goal in life is to be successful. I try to only surround myself with successful people that believe in achieving goals. I need positive motivation. My family didn’t achieve much academically, but they are very supportive of what I do. It’s important for everyone to have an education because it can lead you to a brighter future.

A lot of high-schoolers I know end up dropping out during junior or senior years mostly because it starts to get harder and more challenging. In some of these cases, I feel like my fellow students didn’t understand that those challenges are what make you better and stronger. You gotta strive for what for a successful life, you can’t just sit there thinking it will come to you. You have to work for what you want, and teenagers don’t understand that. Some of them drop out because of drugs and think that if they sell drugs then they will live a great life. When really you’re just putting yourself at risk because all of that can be taken away within a second but your education will always be there.

I’m not trying to be harsh. I just believe in controlling what I can control. I try to learn from what I see others doing. I try to strive where I saw others stop. I know systems are jacked up. I know school can be boring. I know life isn’t fair. I just feel like I’m in control of my success. With so much out of whack in the world, I need to feel like I am in control of something!