Biota featured in March 2018 Journal of Petroleum Technology — Energy Innovation Capital

March 6, 2018

Good diagnostic testing is often painstaking, time-consuming, and costly, but recent studies suggest that a lack of knowledge can be even costlier…

…That was an indication of the appetite for new tools that can measure the unique DNA inwell bacteria to map fluids in wells, or analyze what perforations are stimulated by measuring how much they erode. Anadarko is working with Biota Technology to use DNA sequencing to identify the many fluids found in and around its wells and then use those markers to understand the interconnections in its reservoirs.

“There is a lot to learn from our side, and hence our partnership with Biota has been critical,” said Jose Silva, Anadarko’s lead business strategist, advanced analytics and emerging technologies. “We’re trying to get better at it from a data science perspective, and we’re leveraging the understanding (of) all the databases that this particular company is building on its own…”

Originally published at on March 6, 2018.



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