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December 20, 2019

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, SYDNEY — 18 December 2019 — CBL Markets (CBL), an XCHG company, has acquired the Environmental Management Account (EMA) platform owned by APX, Inc.

EMA aggregates portfolio positions from 11 environmental registries into a single access point, enabling market participants to analyze, report, monitor, manage, and trade energy and environmental inventory in a unified account structure. Since integrating with EMA in 2017, US Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading volumes through CBL have increased by 257% from 2018 to 2019, contributing to the significant volumes currently handled by EMA.

“The EMA infrastructure provides seamless integration with the CBL exchange for participants trading energy and environmental products,” said Nathan Rockliff, XCHG Chief Strategy Officer. “We plan to invest in EMA to enhance functionality and connect with additional registries in other commodity markets.”

The transaction marks another major development for XCHG as it embarks on a strategic acquisition path to advance its market position, accelerating the growth of global commodity products on its exchange platform.

“The acquisition strengthens the XCHG platform for Intelligent Commodities™,” said COO John Melby. “It’s another step forward in the evolution of data-driven markets.”

CBL has been in strategic partnership with APX for five years, collaborating to advance energy and environmental markets. The two companies will work together to transition EMA operational functions to CBL.

“We’re happy to put EMA in the hands of our long-term partner,” said Joe Varnas, APX CEO. “CBL will continue to expand the offering for clients in energy and environmental markets.”

The EMA acquisition comes amidst a series of announcements as XCHG expands its international carbon offerings and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), while supporting the arrival of new asset classes of digital products that provide immutable proof of superior environmental provenance, including low-GHG cement and energy products valued according to methane emissions and water utilization.

About APX

APX’s mission is to empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy. APX provides innovative technology and service solutions for energy and environmental markets, with experience spanning transaction management, registries, scheduling, settlements, demand-side management, asset control, analytics, operations, exchanges, clearing, and brokerage. This depth and breadth of knowledge makes the APX team uniquely qualified to provide trusted, leading-edge solutions. apx.com

About CBL Markets

CBL Markets provides access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets, facilitating the secure and seamless trading of commodities like carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas. cblmarkets.com

About XCHG

Xpansiv CBL Holding Group Limited (XCHG) is the world’s first commodity exchange built for a new asset class: data. We bring transparency to the market by recording real-world characteristics in an immutable profile, empowering informed decision-making and commodity differentiation. As a result, commodities can be valued based on vital information that was invisible-until now. XCHG.net

: Rob Dalton, XCHG VP Marketing & Communications — rdalton@xpansiv.com

Originally published at https://energyinnovationcapital.com on December 20, 2019.



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