Energy Premier — Roadmap, Allocation of the funds, Token distribution

Energy Premier
Jun 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Energy Premier is an advanced blockchain-based electricity trading platform that allows users to trade electricity in a faster, safer and cheaper way, by utilizing the EPC token smart contract.

The goal of Energy Premier is to enable direct access to the retail energy market to all suppliers and consumers, by eliminating multiple third parties and distance as a limiting factor to trade. We utilize blockchain and decentralization which enables us to give the power over energy back to all energy retailers.

The platform is already live before the start of our ICO, and it already has lead users using it, which proves that the idea and the model work. Moreover, the fact that we have a live platform with lead users makes this ICO different from the other ICOs.

Our mission is to make a platform where electricity bidding will take 30 minutes from your time, unlike today’s process that can take days and include collection of multiple offers through a demanding process. Blockchain helps us in this process by eliminating the potential of corruption and fraud.

Our presale has already started, and the ICO starts at September 21st. In the pictures below, you can find everything about our funds and its allocation, our roadmap, token distribution, plans for the future, etc:

Allocation of the funds

EPC Token distribution

  • Crowdsale — Token share distributed during the crowdsale of EPC tokens
  • Advisors — Blockchain, Renewable sources, Micro grid experts & thought leaders
  • Initial supporters — People who believe in our project from the start
  • Future partners — This fund will be used for consumers and suppliers who will trade on the platform, as well as to facilitate and promote trading on the platform
  • Team — Our people are the most important part of our project and we will share part of tokens with our members of the team

The roadmap

Allocation of the profit

  • Green Investment (37%) — We will use part of our profit to invest in renewable energy sources and micro grid systems which will be connected on and all production will be sold across
  • Launching of the platform in new markets (33%) — We will expand at all times on other current markets and we will create new markets for new energy products.
  • Profit for founders and management team (30%) We will provide part of the profits for founders, new contributors and top management.

Due to many features and a highly utilizable token, Energy Premier has a great potential to become a global leader in electricity bidding and trading. With a global market size of $10tn, it also has the potential to reach truly large scale. This is the reason we are emitting 200bn tokens — a volume equal to the amount of MWh consumed each year globally.

Don’t miss it and join our global energy community!

Talk to our team via Telegram:

Energy Premier Blog

Energy Premier is a new platform for electricity bidding & trading. Follow our blog to learn about the energy industry, launching an ICO and product updates.

Energy Premier

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A new platform for electricity bidding and trading. More:

Energy Premier Blog

Energy Premier is a new platform for electricity bidding & trading. Follow our blog to learn about the energy industry, launching an ICO and product updates.

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