Energy Web Innovation Challenge Now Open

Win an EWT grant! Deadline to apply is 19 June 2020.

Energy Web
May 18, 2020 · 3 min read

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Energy Web Chain’s launch, Energy Web is proud to announce an open call for innovative ideas to support our nonprofit mission to decarbonize the global energy sector via open-source, digital, decentralized technologies. Our ambition is bold—10 gigatons of additional decarbonization—and we can’t do it alone.

Through 19 June 2020, interested organizations are invited to submit proposals on their ideas. To be considered, proposals must describe what you intend to build, how it accelerates Energy Web’s mission, and a high-level plan to deliver on the idea.

The ideas should be built upon our established Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS). EW-DOS leverages the Energy Web Chain and allows for new energy applications to go live and create tangible impact.

Who should apply?

We encourage students, entrepreneurs, application developers, startups, corporate innovation teams, and regulators from any sector to participate in this challenge.

What are we looking for?

The call for ideas is very open-ended. Our team is interested in reviewing any and all proposals to support Energy Web’s nonprofit mission. We have also identified several concepts and ideas that we believe would be of great value to the Energy Web ecosystem. We encourage interested parties to consider submitting ideas in these areas as well as their own concepts:

Tech stack enhancements:

  • Decentralized digital identity (DID) library integration with additional DID methods

Applications & use cases:

  • Open-source EW Origin integrations with legacy energy attribute certificate registries

Application process

The detailed process to submit your application will be provided soon on the Energy Web Innovation Challenge Website (currently redirects to this post). The process will require individuals and organizations to create public repositories on GitHub pages. Please note that only proposals open-sourced under the GNU GPL v3 license will be considered under this challenge.

Organizations whose proposals are selected as winners will be expected to participate in collaborative marketing, communications, and publicity with Energy Web.

The Energy Web team will review proposals and award up to three winning proposals with grants in Energy Web Tokens (EWT) with a maximum value of 5,000 EWT per grant. Additional detail on the Innovation Challenge will be provided in the Github-based submission process and on the Innovation Challenge website in the coming days and weeks.

Background information

For background on Energy Web, EW-DOS, and our organization’s mission please reference the following resources:

Additional information on the Challenge will be released in the coming weeks, please follow updates via

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