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Energy Web Token (EWT) Now Listed on Kraken

Zug, Switzerland — 02 March 2021 — Today Energy Web announced that its native Energy Web Token (EWT) is now listed on Kraken. Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, Kraken today is one of the world’s largest — and oldest — cryptocurrency exchanges and has an impeccable reputation. It is registered with regulatory agencies such as FinCEN in the United States and FinTRAC in Canada, and was the first crypto exchange to display its market data on the famed Bloomberg Terminal.

“Energy Web operates in the heavily regulated global energy sector,” explained Walter Kok, CEO of Energy Web. “We appreciate Kraken’s commitment to working with the financial regulatory agencies around the world to provide compliant FIAT onramps. This is essential for operating our Energy Web public infrastructure and we look forward to this strategic partnership that will enable much more than just the listing of our native token EWT.”

As a native utility token, EWT does much more than compensating validators via transaction fees and block rewards. It will also be used to pay for EW-DOS middleware services such as key management, name services, messaging, and storage that streamline and enhance front-end applications. Energy Web’s members and project partners include many of the world’s largest energy companies and most-prominent grid operators, including Shell, Engie, Elia Group, PTT Group, and many others. Our members are very excited about the services Kraken can provide within many regulatory jurisdictions.

Trading on Kraken opens tomorrow, 3 March. More information is available on Kraken’s blog.

EWT is also listed on KuCoin, BitMart, and Liquid, while a ERC20 bridged EWT (EWTB) is available on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on Ethereum.

About Energy Web
Energy Web is a global, member-driven nonprofit accelerating the low-carbon, customer-centric energy transition by unleashing the potential of open-source, digital technologies. Our Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS) enables any energy asset, owned by any customer, to participate in any energy market. The Energy Web Chain — the world’s first enterprise-grade, public blockchain tailored to the energy sector — anchors the EW-DOS tech stack. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, grid operators, renewable energy developers, corporate energy buyers, IoT / telecom leaders, and others.

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Energy Web

Energy Web


EW is a global, member-driven nonprofit accelerating a low-carbon electricity system through open-source, decentralized, digital technologies.