Same Safe, New Home: The Safe Decentralized Custody Protocol is Now Deployed on Energy Web

Implementing Safe on dedicated Energy Web infrastructure simplifies the process of creating, configuring, and managing smart contract accounts on the Energy Web Chain

Energy Web
Energy Web


Over the last several years, Safe has emerged as the leading open-source tool for generating and interacting with customizable smart contract accounts on Ethereum-based blockchains. Within the Energy Web ecosystem, Safe has been primarily used to create multi-signature wallets and build custom transaction workflows.
Up until recently Safe was available as-a-Service under the global Safe web application (which is integrated with over a dozen blockchains). To simplify adoption for our members, Energy Web has been working behind the scenes to configure and deploy a separate version with default integration to the Energy Web Chain and Volta test networks. Today we’re pleased to announce that Energy Web Safe is now available at

For users with existing Safe account(s), there are no impacts to account configuration or functionality. You can continue to use and interact with your Safe(s) simply by connecting your existing wallet and entering the associated Safe address in the landing page:

For users who haven’t worked with Safe before but are interested in deploying accounts on the Energy Web Chain, you can learn more about the features and functionalities in the main Safe documentation pages before using the Energy Web Safe homepage to get started.

While the vast majority of features and functionalities have been preserved, there are two known limitations at this time (all of which will be addressed going forward):

  • UI and Branding: The Energy Web Safe implementation still features the global Safe branding and color palette; to avoid confusion in the future the UI will be rebranded. For now, the best way to confirm you are using the correct application is to bookmark
  • Safe Transaction builder is not integrated by default yet. If you need Transaction builder app, you can add in Custom app section:
  1. Click on Apps

2. Click on tab — My custom apps → Add custom app

3. Provide this URL to App URL

4. Click Add

5. App will only be visible only to you.

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