Energy Blockchain Cases September 2018

Global cases of application of blockchain/distributed ledger technology in the energy sector

(Bittwatt, Robotina, Leap, and Xage Security added on 2018/09/13)

How I listed those companies…

  • “blockchain” is used to mean distributed ledger technology for convenience in this article.
  • The names of leading organization(s) are listed. Wherever appropriate, project names are listed (e.g. Share&Charge).
  • For consortium, the names of leading company(s) or the name of consortium is listed. Consortium members are not listed. (e.g. EWF)
  • Every project under an organization is not listed. (e.g. 10+ projects of Power Ledger)
  • Organizations or organized projects are listed even though no product or project is confirmed. However, if it is only announcement and there is no evidence of work confirmed on the official website, it is not listed. (e.g. Qiwi Blockchain Technologies for energy project)
  • Discontinued energy blockchain projects are not listed. (e.g. Filament)
  • A company or project is not listed if I cannot confirm blockchain technology is actually used. (e.g. M-payg)
  • “(NEW)” denotes newly added items.
  • No particular order in a category

(1) Energy trading platform

  1. LO3 Energy (USA)
  2. Conjoure (Germany)
  3. Power Ledger (Australia)
  4. Prosume (Switzerland)
  5. Sun Contract (Slovenia)
  6. Solar Bankers (Singapore)
  7. (Singapore)
  8. Torus Project (Singapore)
  9. Greeneum (Isreal)
  10. Enerchain (Germany)
  11. Restart Energy (Romania)
  12. Pylon (Spain)
  13. Energo Labs (China)
  14. NAD Grid (USA)
  15. Omega Grid (USA)
  16. Blockcypher (USA)
  17. Blockchain of Value Labs (USA)
  18. Power2Peer (USA)
  19. Enbloc (USA)
  20. TOBLOCKCHAIN (The Netherland)
  21. Energy 21 (The Netherland)
  22. Spectral (The Netherland)
  23. Sunchain (France)
  24. Dajie (UK)
  25. Verv (UK)
  26. Elblox (Switzerland)
  27. Minden (Japan)
  28. Digital Grid (Japan)
  29. NEMoGrid (Germany and others)
  30. (NEW) Enledger (USA)
  31. (NEW) Green Power Exchange (Barbados)
  32. (NEW) ZF Car eWallet (Germany)
  33. (NEW) Volt Market (USA)
  34. (NEW) Powerpeers (The Netherland)
  35. (NEW) Daisee (France)
  36. (NEW) Lition (Germany)
  37. (NEW) Rakuten (Japan)
  38. (NEW) Bittwatt (Singapore)
  39. (NEW) Leap (USA)

(2) Crowdfunding platform for renewable energy generation plants

  1. The Sun Exchange (South Africa)
  2. WePower (Estonia)
  3. Impact PPA (USA)
  4. Solar DAO (Russia)
  5. Bitproperty (Switzerland)
  6. ASTRN Energy (Australia)
  7. (NEW) Xiwatt (USA)
  8. (NEW) Kiwi New Energy (USA)

(3) Renewable cryptocurrency or renewable certificate and supporting business of those

  1. SolarCoin (USA)
  2. KWHCoin (USA)
  3. Swytch (USA)
  4. NRGCoin (Belgium)
  5. Veridium (Hong Kong)
  6. Solar Change (South Africa)
  7. Solcrypto (Hong Kong)
  8. Solareum (USA)
  9. (NEW) Ministry of the Environment (Japan)

(4) Tamper-proof data recording and its application.

  1. Share&Charge (Germany)
  2. engie (France)
  3. Eneres (Japan)
  4. Kaula (Japan)
  5. Jigowatts (Japan)
  6. (NEW) Chubu Electric, Nayuta, Infoteria (Japan)
  7. (NEW) DELIA (Japan)

(5) Market brokerage, settlement, and billing

  1. Grid+ (USA)
  2. Drift (USA)
  3. Irene (France)

(6) (NEW) Payment of utility bills by Bitcoin

  1. Remix Point (Japan)
  2. 5 LPG companies-bitFlyer(Japan)
  3. Nicigas (Japan)
  4. Enercity (Germany)
  5. Elegant - BitPay (Belgium)

(7) Others

  1. Electron (UK)
  2. Envion (Switzerland)
  3. Venus Energy (Russia)
  4. Sonnen (Germany)
  5. Tennet (Germany)
  6. Energy Web Foundation (Switzerland)
  7. Guardtime (USA)
  8. NewEra Energy (Singapore)
  9. energimine (UK)
  10. BTL (Canada/UK)
  11. (NEW) Stromdao (Germany)
  12. (NEW) Energy Blockchain Labs (China)
  13. (NEW) ElectriCChain (Andorra)
  14. (NEW) Robotina (Slovenia)
  15. (NEW) Xage Security (USA)

A number of cases are progressing globally, but many of them are still at proof-of concept stage or even earlier. It is likely to take more time before values of blockchain technology in the energy sector become evident.

Thank you for reading and your feedback is welcome. In particular, if I miss anything in this list, please let me know at or via LinkedIn.

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