Energy Eco Chain Invited To Provide Blockchain Training For Dalian Technical Personnel

According to the guidance of the documents of the Dalian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, from November 27th to 30th, the Dalian Software Industry Association holds a high-level seminar on the development and application of blockchain technology. The blockchain expert team of Energy Eco Chain Foundation was invited to conduct blockchain technology and application training for young and middle-aged professionals with intermediate titles and above in Dalian, focusing on two major themes “Blockchain Reshape Security Issues In Business Environment” and “ Enterprise-level Hybrid Blockchain Application Case Interpretation”.

The seminar was hosted by the Dalian Economic and Information Technology Committee and undertaken by the Dalian Software Industry Association. By allowing the technical management personnel with intermediate titles or above to participate in the training, the application of the blockchain technology in Dalian enterprises will be promoted to advance the integration and upgrade of traditional industries and blockchain. After finish the training, the participants will be awarded the “Dalian Professional and Technical Personnel Advanced Training Course Completion Certificate” approved by the Dalian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.