Congratulating the Media Design 2019–2020 Cohort on their First Virtual Thesis Defense

Aug 20, 2020 · 5 min read

Last week, our 2019–2020 Media Design Cohort defended their theses in our first-ever virtual thesis defense. The Media Design MA is an intensive 12-month program centered around the production of a creative thesis project. From building a platform for local news stories to connecting youth to the resources around them, each of these projects is the culmination of a year’s worth of community-centered research, teamwork, and innovative problem-solving. Despite the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, the 2019–2020 Cohort learned to be apart together, navigating the unknown with courage, compassion, and connectivity.

Below you will find a short description and some photos from each project, a condensed celebration of all the great work they have done together.

Project Title: Future Connect:

Partner: The Office of Recovery Services in Boston

Designers: Chitra Anwar, Kathleen Carroll, Paul Cifarelli, Rakshya Devkota

A look at the Future Connect app, which is designed to help youth gain positive future orientation.

Project Title: Planetogether:

Partner: WGBH Emerging Platforms Initiative and Boston Public Library Teen Central

Designers: Yiwen Cui, Xiaokai Chen, Sumali Dey, Xingying Wang

The opening title for Planetogether’s introductory video, which provides an overview of the activity to its participants.

Project Title: Reimagining Local News For Young Adults

Partner: Hearken

Designers: Pan Chung, Hassan Hassan, Linhui Huang

A look at Mixdia, an app designed to spotlight local stories and encourage news media literacy amongst its users.

Project Title: Somerville Media Center:

Partner: Somerville Media Center

Designers: Noah Braun

The webpage designed to host Somerville Media Center’s archive.

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