Poetry, Politics, and Data Analysis

How Quantitative Political Poetry Parties Engage Participants in The 2016 Presidential Election

Campaign Limericks is a set of data visualizations and a series of parties where participants remix presidential candidates’ speeches into limericks.
Planned parenthood wants to kill and sell your son / Stick with me and Obama won’t take your gun / The United States wants a real thriller / The American people trust the zodiac killer / Vote president Cruz for real American fun
Party goers wrote limericks on everything from easel pads to post-it notes on pizza boxes
Participants using DataBasic’s tool WordCounter to analyze the political speeches of presidential candidates.
color corresponds to the candidate who most frequently spoke that word or phrase while the size of the term is the relative frequency of that word related to other words spoken on the campaign trail.

Host your own QPPP!

Anyone can stage a QPPP using our Campaign Limericks Party Pack, which you can download in the resources section on our website. This PDF has all of the following items:

  • Example Limericks: A collection of limericks created for each political candidate to show your partygoers what is possible!
  • Political Candidate Issues and Platforms: A succinct list of each candidate’s policies, platforms, and voting record.
  • Political Candidate Headshot Line-drawings: A line-drawn headshot of each political candidate.
  • A Brief History of Limericks Presentation: To present your partygoers with history of the form!



We're an applied research and design lab that investigates and creates media and technology to reduce disparities in civic participation. http://elab.emerson.edu/

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