lets you create all sorts of awesome image charts. Great for emails, and easy to integrate with services like!

Using ChartURL inside

What follows is a step by step procedure for using ChartURL charts in emails.

Step 1: Generate the ChartURL URL

First, we generate a ChartURL url. You’ll need an account on ChartURL and some coding chops. The following example shows how you can turn a bunch of data into a URL that will return an image.

Now we have a URL. It’s long and ugly, but it works. Below is the image we just generated from this URL.

There are ton of other chart types you can create with ChartURL including the following:

“Mmmmm…. piiiieeeee” — Homer Simpson
Line or spline?
This is called a Chloropleth. I don’t know why.

Step 2: Push data to Knowtify

Knowtify has an API that will let you push custom trait data into a customer’s account. Below is an example of pushing that URL to a contact:

Step 3: Verify data in Knowtify

Now our data is in Knowtify. You can go to People > [person] > Data to see it:

Step 4: Use the attribute in an email

Now we setup an email to use that URL in an image. In the following video, I have already created an email template called “Weekly Report”. Knowtify has various options to set these emails to get sent out on a regular schedule.

Animated GIFs. Not just for cats.

Step 5: Set it all in motion

With Knowtify’s recurring emails, all you need to do now is set things up so that the `recent_activity_chart_url` attribute gets updated before each email goes out. A simple cron job will do the trick there.

ChartURL + Knowtify = ❤ 4-eva.