Little Miss Sunshine 🌞, please make my Monday less gloomy 😢

LUC — Shine, Light

Latin & Greek are the foundations of modern English — so learning them will help you master difficult English vocabulary at lightning speed ⚡️ Of course, I will help you memorise these old words real fast too! 🚀
Latin word of the day: LUC — Shine, Light
  • Lucid (adj): /ˈlusəd/ clear and understandable. 👓
  • Lucid writing is important in journalism, so that readers easily get the point of the article they’re reading.
  • Lucidity (n): Clearness, clarity.
  • Her lecture combined intellectual lucidity and passion.

  • Elucidate (v): /iˈlusəˌdeɪt/ Make (something) clear; explain. 📣
  • If you elucidate something, you explain it very clearly.
  • Elucidation (n): clarification, explanation.

  • Translucent (adj): /trænsˈluːs(ə)nt/ A translucent material lets light pass through, but objects on the other side can’t be seen clearly. 🍷Semitransparent.
  • Fry until the onions become translucent.

  • Pellucid (adj): /pəˈlusəd/ Both lucid and pellucid derive from a Latin word that means “to shine through.” Both means Clear. 🥃
  • A sentence that teaches a new vocabulary word should always be pellucid, that is, its style and meaning should be easily understandable so that you can guess the definition from the sentence.

  • Lucifer: /ˈlusəfər/ another name for Satan, oh my darkness. 😈

Memory Tip: If we are LUCky, the sun might SHINE brightly tomorrow, otherwise darkness will be with us. ☀️ 🌻 ⛅️

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