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Pitchengine Reboot: Getting back to PR in a world of content and chaos

A decade ago, I sketched out an idea for a platform that would enable PR pros to package up their press release content including high res images, video and other assets onto a single web page for sharing. Remarkably, ten years and 50,000 users later, Pitchengine is still a thing.

Along the way, we’ve shifted priorities and changed focus to remain innovative as the industry — and marketing in general — evolved with new trends and techniques for digital storytelling. But the more we evolved, the more we strayed from our original mission, which is why we’re going back to the beginning.

This year, we’re making it our mission to get back to the craft of public relations. We want to empower, not automate. To provide tools to help you do what you do best, not try to over-engineer the PR process which relies heavily on relationships and authenticity for success.

In the coming weeks, we’re introducing six new products — tools for the PR craft — all under the Pitchengine banner.

It’s a sort of throwback to PR’s most innovative era, when social media disrupted our perception of PR in general.

Each of the four tools will do one thing and do it well. They work independently or together as a suite of products for all sizes of PR agency — from solo to mega-agency. And, the best part, you’ve never seen anything like them before. From patent pending technology to innovation that’s uniquely PR, these products are undeniably made just for you.

Ten years in tech is an eternity. Twitter is a year older than Pitchengine and YouTube is just two years older. Heck, Facebook was barely available to the public back then. A lot has changed, but then again, it hasn’t.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting countless PR reps, agencies and in-house PR pros over the years and I’ve seen it all — seriously, all of it. Most PR software has done little in the way of innovation. First, we had spreadsheets, now we have databases. Then, we had SEO press releases. Then, with Pitchengine, we had social media press releases. Now, it’s time to take what we’ve learned and do right by public relations, journalists, influencers and stakeholders.

I’ll share more about each new product as their launch dates near. If you are half as excited to use them as I am to unveil them, then we’re on the right track. Here’s to getting back to better PR.





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Jason Kintzler

Jason Kintzler

Founder/CEO @pitchengine. Challenge. Disrupt. Inspire.

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