It’s time: how the basic branded website turned into a software revolution

The humble website went from ‘luxury’ to ‘must for business’, but what’s the next revolution in today’s ‘app’ age? Making bespoke software as easy as ordering pizza.

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Website development used to be the private domain of a select few professionals. Creation and design was done by outsourcing ideas to an agency that took your idea, produced a specification, and gave you a finished product.

Either that, or individuals with sufficient knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and Flash used their skills to build their own sites or personal projects. This meant that early adopters had to have web development knowledge, or sufficient budget to outsource development of their idea.

This was a small group that required initial capital, resources to maintain, and in most cases, revenue in order to justify these costs. There were functional, if not captivating brand pages and isolated projects of a handful of pioneers.

The introduction of online payment systems created a home for digital commerce and the dot com bubble blew up. As the internet gained popularity, production became more powerful and accessible.

Building and operating a website moved from being a business luxury to a need for businesses of every size. Standard elements were used on nearly every page and familiar patterns followed. The only thing that changed was content.

Cost effective platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace used this standardization to give businesses power to build their own ideas. This democratized the website and made it available to everyone! is starting the revolution for bespoke software development.

Bespoke software development is still in the ‘black box development’ stage. What does that mean? Ideas are created in isolation by centralized groups with the knowledge and expertise to execute commissioned work.

There must be a better alternative yet. At, we’re starting the revolution in software development. How? We bring a democratic, user-led option to build software that will give anyone with basic website knowledge the power to build their ideas.

The biggest step is to remove the need to learn coding and make software specing a breeze. Users build their project using a drag and drop UI along with an AI-powered developer matching which removes the need for inexpert product specifications. Automated hosting and maintenance then further removes the need for constant work to maintain the project.

Giving smaller business access to software increases businesses’ success rates than the current consultation model — in half the time and at a third of the average current price! will be the catalyst for more new ideas to reach production. For example you can go pay as you go on Engineer.AI making weekly payments and control the timelines yourself. That means more successful software projects, more robust ideas and in the process, more trust between developers and clients.

Anyone should be able to build their idea. We’re removing the barriers of risk and cost for small and medium enterprises to create their ideas. Our network and bank of elements and components will continue to grow. This means that creating bespoke software is only going to get more efficient, but also available to an even wider audience.

Mobile applications and bespoke software generally will become as accessible as websites are today. We make it faster, more cost-effective, and more accessible to build an idea without the high failure rate and risks of it spiraling over budget and over deadline.

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