Do you know what is an idea?

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The world is constantly evolving, but it doesn’t matter how much it changes, two plus two will always be four. The logic of this equation is the start point of my analysis about what an idea is and what makes it change an immutable action.

A house, for instance, has already been a part of a naïve structure, being built based on materials like thatch or wood. However, even if its construction were not efficient, someone had the brilliant idea of building a place that could keep us safe from rain or intense heat.

Yet, when we look to a huge building, is it possible for us to imagine that it is indeed a good idea or maybe is this building only a copy of an idea that remains the same?

Ideas are objects of thought

I’ve been thinking of how to communicate the real concept of what is an idea even not having any idea of how to start this dialogue. Ideas are subjective contents that flow in our mind. On the other hand, when different people are discussing the same issue, it’s normal that the subjective ideas are guiding the conversation, imposing personal argumentations about each one’s experiences.

Therefore, ideas are particular objects, what explains the fact of each one having her or his own. Just as a certain scenario can be seen from different perspectives, we know it’s actually only one scenario, in which many factors affect our perceptions, creating several conceptions of mind.

According to Plato, the world is segmented into two states: visible and intelligible. The first is everything we can perceive and what is around us, constantly moving. The latter is where the ideas live, bearing thoughts we cannot have immediate contact with, but which are the base to start a discussion, for instance.

Innovative ideas break through barriers of the common view

The process in which ideas are created cannot always be explained. How to get the recipe of the perfect idea? We can ask great scientists, executives and multinational consultants, the answer will be the same: it simply popped into my mind. This makes us think about the creation of a concept in our thoughts and about what we can do to perform it.

The idea and how it works are distinct phases, the power of creativity in this field must emerge from the creation of strategies. Before anything else, the strategic process needs to exist to attend a hierarchy: first strategy, then the raised questions and finally the advent of the ideas.

Thus, any business philosophy demands, initially, the understanding of ourselves as human beings, of the society and of the world being responsible for our housing. These three questions are the basis for us to recognize the true needs that beg a human solution. On this way, those who employ forged strategies in the common view or too obvious to go ahead are vulnerable to not achieving success.

Not all ideas deserve to be validated

But what is the process through which the ideas are validated? It’s not possible to state that all of them are likely to be approved, there are certain points to be judged when an idea is newly brought upon the table. Imagine ourselves, thinking human beings eager for a solution to a social problem, against the unfailing argument of a terrorist who is up to offer an idea to fight against these pacifist actions?

Some ideas are dangerous and need a critical filter in order to find a valid direction. From this perspective, we go back to our discussion table. Specialized help or brilliant minds are part of the same equation, which offer support to the structure of an idea, just like deciphering its public, its sector, its costs and functions in the society.

So, in front of this presented content about what is an idea, it’s worth sharpening this matter. Perhaps are we the only ones who create subjective contents? Are we the results of our own ideas? Answer, leaving your comment in our article and contribute with your ideas.

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