MTJF- A Tinder with all your friends! ❤️

Do you ever had a crush on some of your friend but never confessed due to fear of rejection or shyness or the risk of making things awkward? Well, over 80% people of the world have. How about there was an app, where you could secretly find out if your friend is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you? Like Tinder, but with all your friends? Well, there is now. And it’s called MTJF- More Than Just Friends!

MTJF was created to help people express themselves freely to their friends.

How does it work?

A step by step guide to convert your friendship into relationship. 😍

Every account of MTJF is linked to a mobile number which is used to sign up on the app. Upon sign-up, you can see your entire contact list saved on your phone, where you can secretly ‘Like’ any of your friend, who you are interested in dating. If your friend likes you too, you will get a match!

The name of person liking is not revealed to the other person, unless both of them like each other. So that you can like any of your friend without making things awkward between you two.

You can include an optional hint while sending a like to your friend, which will make it easier for your friend to guess who you could be, while still keeping your identity a secret. Eg: We work in same office, we go to the same gym etc. With hint feature, you can chat with your friend anonymously!

You can like and send hint to any of your friend, irrespective of the fact whether your friend has a MTJF profile or not. If your friend does not have an MTJF account yet, a text SMS will be sent to your friend, informing them that some of their friend wants to date them and has liked them on MTJF. The SMS also includes an app download link, which your friend can use to download the app. Upon sign-up, your friend would be able to see all the likes and hints they received since even before creating the account.


Secret Profile:

Lot of people are afraid of other people finding out that they are using a dating app. With MTJF, only the people who you match with can see your profile. So that you can get a date and not get judged.

No Fake Accounts:

The biggest problem faced by all the dating apps is that you can never be sure if the person you matched with is a real person or a fake profile. With MTJF, there is no possibility of getting a match with a fake account at all.

All the MTJF accounts are linked with a mobile number, which is verified during sign-up using OTP. When you send a like to your friend, you are essentially sending a like to an account linked to your friends mobile number. Hence only the person having that mobile number can get a match with you or read your hint/ chats etc. Hence you can always be sure of who you are talking with.

The story so-far

MTJF was launched on 24th Feb 2018, to mark the 63rd birth anniversary of Steve Jobs, an inspiration to the founding team of MTJF. And within a short span of 60 days MTJF received over 20,000 users from over 15 countries. Everyday over 500 new users join and use MTJF to share their most dear feelings, which otherwise, they might have never expressed. And this has all been done with a small team, working on a bootstrapped budget, with a hope to make this world a less lonely place ❤️.

App Download link (Android/ iOS):

Do you have a crush on your friend who have not yet confessed? Send them a like on MTJF today. Take a chance. Explore the surprises that lie on the other side of ‘What if?’.

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