Some learnings of my life

1) Marketing is noise, companies are running by revenues.

2) Sales is stupidity, Delivery brings really acceleration.

3) You need great team to win World Cup and big project.

4) Don’t convince people, people do what they want, only you waste your time.

5) Make personal relationship with employees and professional with clients, not viseversa.

6) Give people a chance, but don’t over promote . You will loose a great player

7) Help others who need you but don’t give gyan, help him with real samadhan.

8) Invest time in learning, more you learn more you grow.

9) It’s ok to loose money not relations but most people do reverse.

10) When you need, ask for help. Good people help you, only idiots laughs because they don’t know what it takes to reach there

Enjoy your life, Thank your colleague and clients. Start your day with smile, world is awesome and we all have infinite opportunities to become successful.

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