Tink’s API powers Zmarta’s new tool to lower mortgage rates

Zmarta has launched a new mortgage tool in Sweden, using Tink’s aggregation API to collect financial data that helps people see their current rate — and find a better one.

The new service shows stats on the value of the customer’s house and its development over time. It also shows how their mortgage rate stacks up against other homeowners in Sweden, and provides offers for better rates from every bank in Sweden.

The mortgage tool joins Zmarta’s other products, which allow people to pick the best offers for loans, insurance, electricity, savings accounts and mobile subscriptions.

We sat down with Mattias Gisgård, Business Developer, at Zmarta to hear more about their integration with our API.

Describe your tech stack.

We use NodeJs/Express/GraphQL in our backend, and VueJS in our frontend.

What have you built with Tink’s API?

We’ve added a service that compares your current mortgage, and gives offers for better rates. The mortgage market in Sweden has been tainted by a lack of transparency and liquidity. Mortgages are a big part of many people’s private finances, and one that can affect their private finances the most — both when it comes to rate changes and property values. Therefore, we felt it was a natural step in our quest to help customers improve their private finances.

Tink’s aggregation is here used to fetch data on the end user’s mortgage

Why did you choose Tink’s API?

We initially had another partnership, but chose Tink as an aggregation provider based on their solid reputation — and their ability to deliver a fast, easy and safe aggregation service.

What’s been the best aspect of coding with our API?

It’s been easy to get started and Tink had good documentation, which was important to limit our time to market.

How long did it take you to go from testing our API to launch?

We got up and running in one sprint, which is two weeks for us.