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Introducing GOAT’s Engineering Blog

Andy Shin
Andy Shin
Jul 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Since we launched GOAT in 2015, our company has grown and evolved, but our core values remain the same: we still focus obsessively on the experience for our buyers and sellers, we’re continuously improving our product and technology, and we love sneakers.

But other things have changed, and our tools and technology have grown with us to where we are today: we’re now the world’s largest marketplace for authentic sneakers, we employ over 400 people between LA and NYC, and service more than 8 million users on our platform.

GOAT employs over 400 people in the United States and Asia

As a startup, it’s impossible to predict, let alone imagine, the future. We could’ve never imagined the scale and the challenges we face today. And we couldn’t have made it here without our talented team and the wealth of information other people have shared along the way.

We’d like to return the favor, and share how we do things in case that may help you.

That said, I’m excited to introduce GOAT’s engineering blog. Here, we plan to discuss our engineering challenges and solutions in a way we hope will resonate with the community. You’ll read about a variety of topics from Backend, Frontend, Mobile Engineering, Devops, Quality Assurance, Machine Learning, Data Science, Product Management, and product/engineering organizational challenges.

We’re working on a lot of exciting technology to further innovate the ship-to-verify model we brought to the sneaker industry. With our goal to make GOAT the safest and most trusted place to purchase sneakers, we’re making each aspect of the GOAT experience as seamless and intelligent as possible, using everything from streaming analytics to machine learning.

Our data science team is producing machine-learning algorithms to authenticate shoes, personalize product discovery, detect fraudulent payments and optimize logistics. This is made possible by the significant investments we’ve made in streaming and serverless technologies. Together this allows us to move quickly to meet the expectations of our users.

Building on GOAT’s unique aesthetic and frictionless experience, we’re utilizing cutting-edge browser developments to provide a native-like experience to the web platform.

We’ve also reduced the amount of time our customers wait for orders to be fulfilled and delivered by over 45% with our best-in-class global fulfillment technology powering our 4 distribution centers in North America and Asia. We’ve done this while reducing our issue rate by over 70%.

Some of the forthcoming posts on the above topics and more will be very technical, some not so much. Our target audience is other developers, researchers, and technology entrepreneurs who might find something useful in our experiences.

Our engineers are excited to share their stories with you, and contribute to the wider tech community. We hope you enjoy the blog and learn something new (or at least read something funny) from us.

Thanks for joining us as we kick off GOAT’s engineering blog!

GOAT’s Engineering team is hiring!
Visit our
careers page to learn more.

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