The Future of Optimizely Engineering in Austin

One year after our acquisition of Austin-based Experiment Engine, I am excited to announce that Optimizely has decided to make Austin our second engineering home. Though Austin is our eighth office (we have three in the U.S. and five internationally), Austin is where we plan to significantly expand our engineering footprint.

At Optimizely, we help companies build cultures of experimentation. The teams in Austin will be at the heart of this, focusing on Program Management and our world-class data platform. Program Management is at the heart of enterprise experience with Optimizely, meaning in the future it will be the first point of interaction with the Optimizely product set. It is the solution that provides everyone in a company, from the CEO to an engineer, insight into everything happening across the testing program. Program Management is built on Optimizely’s public APIs and is continually pushing forward our open platform strategy and services-oriented architecture.

All of our major software developer functions are now open in Austin (Frontend, Backend, and Distributed Systems). And as we build out the team, it will include every discipline needed for successful delivery, including Product Management and Product Design. We also already have partners from across the business working beside our engineers in the office, with strong (and growing) representation from customer support, customer success, and recruiting.

While we have a clear view of what the engineering team in Austin will work on over the next few quarters, this is just the beginning. As our second home, Austin will be key to our long-term growth strategy and success at Optimizely. Over time, the Austin office will continue to grow and mature into a strong and autonomous center of engineering.

Why did we make Austin our second home? Frankly, everything about Austin is fantastic. First, it has a strong and growing tech community, fueled by one of the top-ranked software engineering programs in the country at UT Austin. Second, as a place to live it just can’t be beat. Austin consistently ranks as one of the best places in the U.S. to live — with great food, awesome outdoor activities, and a welcoming vibe. Finally, having acquired Experiment Engine, we have a team that’s been around and a part of the Austin tech scene for years, a great and natural start to going all-in with our second engineering home.

Our downtown office in WeWork Congress is beautiful. With global offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich and Sydney, we leverage managed offices as our global growth strategy. This gives our employees great perks and functional workspaces as we rapidly grow our team. In Austin, we have tripled the size of our office space in the WeWork and are poised for another expansion soon.

Our commitment to collaboration is in our marrow. We believe in team players and open-ended, collaborative problem solving, and we value teaching, learning, and supporting one another. San Francisco-based members of the product development team visit Austin just about every week. We also have numerous programs that contribute to our local communities, such as I/OWN IT—a Hack Reactor scholarship program for women and underrepresented minorities that has led to numerous Optimizely internships and full-time hires. We look forward to becoming more deeply integrated into and contributing to the Austin community.

Check out our engineering blog to learn more about the awesome engineers who work here and the kinds of problems we like to solve. If you would like to join our engineering team, please visit our careers page and apply or reach out to me directly at

I’ll see you in Austin!

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Stories from Optimizely's Engineering Team

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SVP Engineering at Optimizely

Engineers @ Optimizely

Stories from Optimizely's Engineering Team