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Dear Aspirants,

Congratulations on performing exceedingly well in one of the toughest rat race in the world.The time has come to exert your preferences for branches wisely. We all have been through this confusing period and worry not ,we are here to help you out.

We envision to make this blog a single stop to all the all your queries and doubts regarding Engineering Design at IIT Madras.

To get an idea of the branch you can firstly go through the

1.Course list:

2.Department Brochure :

Then you can go through articles in this blog which will have the experiences of students studying in the branch.

We also have mentors,who are more than willing to clear any doubts you might have regarding the branch.Their details can be found in the picture below.

If you still have some unadressed queries, feel free to contact me at

Email :


Whatsapp: 9966125222

As I am currently busy attending an intensive workshop please do not mind if the response is slightly delayed. I promise I will get back or will connect you to someone who would be better suited for your query.

Congratulations again and happy vacation :).

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