Transformational Moments

Dr. José Calderón on Changing Our Lives

Although this collapse has unspooled the built up despair that many are feeling, it’s also brought forth a collective yearning for catharsis.

Having a vision of not only multiracial unity, but thinking about how we can begin to develop a new economy that really serves the interests of our community, and not just the interest of a few to make profit is necessary.

“The reason is not that we don’t have the capacity, but the structure itself has destroyed our capacity and has led many of our people into thinking that we don’t have the capacity. They teach that because they want us as farmworkers, they wanted African Americans as slaves, and they want Native Americans on reservations.”

José Calderón. (Image from

“We are the only highly capitalist country in the world that doesn’t have free healthcare.”

Even though you may not have any money, you will always have the capacity to create spaces and places like that — and that’s what keeps me going.



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