Selfies and Digital Rhetoric

The first selfie is me and my friend this summer on vacation in the Hamptons. It shows that we are on vacation because their is a geo tag that says Dune Rd, which is a well known road in the hamptons. We are also using one of the snapchat filters because they make you look way cuter than when you actually are. I posted it to my story so the intent was for it to be scene by other people but it was just for snapchat.

My second picture is just a silly picture I took to send to my friend to show her I had just gotten starbucks coffee. It was only intended for my friend to see and was not posted anywhere on social media.

The last selfie is a picture of me and my roommates. We posted it on facebook so it was taken for other people to see but really just to document us living together. We try to take a lot of pictures of the four of us.

Basically all of the selfies I had on my phone were me at different events and were taken on snapchat including geo tags for the specific events so I would say my digital presence is more just me displaying pictures and events I go to with my friends. On no social media platform am I more serious than on the other.